Apple: iPhone version 6 or later with iOS 10+
Android: Android 8+; Optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices (performance may vary on other Android devices). Note that the app is not compatible with these devices: Huawei, One Plus, ZTE and Nokia.


SET UP: Attaching the sensor to your umbrella

    For best results, follow below placement for sensor, depending on whether you have a compact folded umbrella or long-shafted umbrella:

    • Remove the plastic pouch from the box and take out the sensor and other contents.
    • Pull out the battery tab from the sensor. The sensor’s LED light should flash for 10 seconds.
    • Inside the plastic pouch are 3 circular snaps (black, white, clear). This snap will be used to secure the sensor to your umbrella’s canopy. Choose your preferred color snap for your umbrella.

    • Position the sensor on the underside of the canopy:
      • While holding the sensor in place under the umbrella, place the snap on the outer side of the canopy directly on top of the sensor. Press very hard to secure the sensor in place as shown:

      Download the free Davek Loss Alert app and sync to your umbrella

      • Download our free app (Davek Loss Alert) on your phone (via Apple App store or Google Play).
      • Start the app. Make sure you ALLOW all permission requests (location, notifications, etc.) during first launch. (Note: If you do not allow all requests, the app will not work. If you do not recall if you allowed these permissions after first launch, delete and reinstall the app again). For Location Permission, be sure to choose "Always Allow".
      To set Location Permission to "Always Allow", follow the steps below:

      FOR APPLE IPHONE (as of OS 13.1.2 or later):
      - Go to Settings
      - Scroll down list of apps and select Davek
      - Tap on Location
      - Tap on Always

      FOR ANDROID (need to set only for OS 11 or later):
      - Go to Settings > Apps
      - Scroll down list of apps and select Davek
      - Tap on Permissions
      - Tap on Location
      - Select Allow all the time

      • Place the phone near the umbrella (between 1 to 2 feet away).
      • To pair the umbrella to the app, slide the ON/OFF button to ON. You should receive an activation message within 10 seconds: “Umbrella is connected".
      You are now all set. You will be receiving an exit alert within 60 seconds after you walk out of umbrella’s range (approx. 30 ft). Once you receive a "Connection is lost" alert notification, you will need to return back to umbrella to reset the alarm. When you get close within < 2ft. of your umbrella, your phone will automatically reconnect within 30 seconds and send you a new activation alert.


      The app/umbrella will remain paired unless you proactively turn off the connection (by switching the ON/OFF switch to OFF).

      The sensor will go into sleep mode when the umbrella is unmoved after four hours and will wake automatically when the umbrella is picked up.

      You should re-pair your sensor with your umbrella if you have:

      • Force quit the app
      • Restarted your phone
      • Updated your phone's operating system
      To re-pair the sensor, restart the app and swipe the app's ON/OFF button OFF and back ON near your umbrella. Make sure the activation notice "Umbrella is connected" displays.


      Your Security & Privacy

      If you are using an iPhone, you may periodically receive the following notification:

      What it means:
      Periodically, the app will run a quick location update to the phone. This action will keep the app active while in the background and confirm if there is a nearby active sensor/umbrella. Selecting Always Allow will permit the app to connect automatically whenever you pick up your umbrella, without the need to turn the system on manually (similar to how your phone will auto-sync to your car when you turn on the engine).

      Does the app share my location info?
      No, the app is a one-way transmission application—it only receives information and does not send, thus your location is never shared. However, if you prefer to turn this off, swipe the app’s ON/OFF switch to OFF to disable all location updates. You’ll need to remember to manually turn the system back on, however, when you want to resume umbrella tracking.

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