• General Information
  • How do I turn Loss Alert on?
    Pick up umbrella and hold it near your phone (< 2ft). Start the app and slide the ON/OFF switch to ON. The system should pair to your umbrella within 10 seconds and send a notification "You are now connected to your umbrella." The system will remain paired until you turn the system off.
  • How do I turn Loss Alert off?
    To turn off Loss Alert, slide the ON/OFF switch to OFF. This will unpair the umbrella from the app and disconnect. To reactivate tracking, you must turn the app back to ON.
  • Do I need to turn on my app whenever I want to track my umbrella?
    No. Once you pair the umbrella to the app, it will remain paired until you turn the system off. The app will thereafter automatically connect within 30 seconds whenever you pick up the umbrella.
  • What are “false notifications?”
    False notifications are alerts that are sent inadvertently when you are still within proximity of the umbrella. This sometimes occurs when the radio signal from your umbrella is interrupted by obstacles, such as metal walls, doors, or even crowds. False notifications may occur if your phone is completely covered by your hands. Also, many phones have difficulty connecting to more than one device at a time. If you are currently connected to other devices and are experiencing repeated false notifications, try to disconnect to the first device and see if you continue to receive false notifications. Results will vary on this matter, depending on your phone type (particularly if you are using an Android device).
  • I don’t seem to get a range exit alert precisely at 30 feet.
    Radio distance varies slightly from actual distance, depending on nearby materials and obstacles, so there may be a minor variance when a notification is sent. The exit notification will arrive within 60 seconds after you exit the range (time will vary, depending on your phone type).