DAVEK ACCESSORIES presents the company’s collection of high-end, uniquely strong umbrellas designed to withstand the most brutal of weather conditions.  A Davek umbrella is no ordinary umbrella.  Since 2005, the company has been producing high-performance umbrellas that are designed to endure over time.  The high-end collection gives customers an exciting alternative to the disposable and undifferentiated choices typically found in the category. 

The secret of a Davek umbrella's strength lies in its unique frame construction and uncommon mixture of steel, fiberglass and aircraft-grade aluminum. Each frame system features a special balance between rigidity and flexibility which the company calls the 90/10 flex ratio: the rigidity to resist 90% of all natural wind and the flexibility to revert back unharmed for the rest.  It takes 96 painstaking steps and over 12 points of inspection to create a single Davek umbrella.  The result is an umbrella that will last considerably longer than your standard umbrella. 

“These long lasting products make life better – they make us more efficient and less wasteful,” says David Kahng, CEO of Davek Umbrellas.  “Buying one high quality product is better than an endless stream of cheaper replacements.” As testimony to its line’s quality, every umbrella comes with the company’s Forever Guarantee:  If, for any reason at any time, the umbrella fails to function properly, Davek will repair or replace it for free (excluding shipping).  Each umbrella also comes with a Loss Protection card—owners who lose the umbrella can use the card to redeem a replacement umbrella at up to 50% off the regular price. 

What also truly sets Davek umbrellas apart from the pack is its noticeably contemporary and striking aesthetic appeal.  They offer a sleek, attractive and exciting alternative to a decidedly bland typical umbrella market.  

Priced from $49-$350, Davek offers a curated selection of eight umbrella models.  The company believes that the stronger frame system, unconditional lifetime guarantee, and loss protection program is well worth the line’s premium prices. 

Davek umbrellas are available at, select Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue locations and fine specialty stores nationwide.  Based in New York City, Davek (pronounced dah-vek) specializes in the design and manufacturing of the world’s strongest and most beautiful folded umbrellas.  





Please contact or call (212) 749-8746 for more info or additional high resolution photos.


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