How many umbrellas have you lost in your lifetime? More than likely, there are too many to count. Not to worry—the new Davek Sensor™ will put an end to that problem. 

The Davek Sensor is a tiny module that you can attach to any umbrella. Sync the sensor to your smart phone and it becomes a digital tether, alerting you if you ever accidentally leave the umbrella behind.

We introduced this technology last year by embedding the circuitry into one of our most popular umbrella models—the Davek Alert. Now, the Davek Sensor allows you to apply the same loss alert technology to any umbrella. 

How it works

Inside the sensor is a tiny “beacon chip." This chip broadcasts a silent signal, read by your smart phone.
Once activated, the sensor will automatically connect to your phone within seconds when you pick up the umbrella. Now, if the distance between the umbrella and your phone exceeds a certain range—approximately 30 ft—the sensor will send a reminder to your phone. By connecting the sensor to your phone, you’re able to build an invisible leash between your umbrella—and you. Never forget your umbrella again!

Set up

Setting it up is easy. The sensor attaches to your umbrella’s canopy with a detachable snap. 

Download our free app on your phone (via Apple App store or Google Play). Simply hold the umbrella near the phone for 10 seconds and turn the app on. The umbrella will automatically connect.  You can easily turn the alert off or pause it for the day.
The sensor is powered from a plain coin cell battery, and a single battery will last a year or more, depending on use. The battery is easily replaceable.

Last Known Location

Can’t remember where you last left your umbrella? Activate the “Last Known Location” feature on the app—it will be happy to show you where you left it last.



How much does it cost?

Where do you attach the sensor onto the umbrella?
The sensor attaches to the umbrella's canopy via a small detachable snap.

What is the sensor’s size?
1 inch diameter, about the size of a quarter.

Is the sensor compatible with both iPhone and Android?
Yes. For iPhone, we recommend iPhone version 6 or later, using IOS 10 or higher. For Android, the sensor is optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices and performance may vary on other Android devices. We recommend Android OS 8 or higher.

How does this differ from Tile® or other indoor tracking devices?
Nearby tracking devices typically help you find a misplaced item—keys, TV remote, etc.—within your immediate surroundings. Umbrellas are most often lost when accidentally left behind (rather than misplaced within your home or office). The Davek Sensor is not an indoor tracker—instead, it is a digital tether. It is designed to keep an item by your side anywhere, and to prevent loss in the first place.

Does the sensor track the current location of a lost umbrella?
The app can tell you the last known location of your umbrella (or where you last left it behind). This does not necessarily mean it is the current location, however, if the umbrella has since been moved.

Is the app free?
Yes! You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Do I need to turn on the app whenever I want to keep track of the attached umbrella?
No. Once activated, the app is designed to remain paired until you switch the system off. The app will thereafter automatically connect within 30 seconds whenever you pick up the umbrella.

What type of battery is used and how long will it last?
A CR2032 coin battery, available at any hardware or drugstore. A single battery will last about 1 year or more (depending on use) and it is easily replaceable.

Can I track more than one umbrella?
The Davek Sensor can only track one umbrella at a time. You’ll need to disconnect and pair again if you wish to track a different sensor/umbrella.