Trouble connecting?  Follow steps below:

  • Davek Loss Alert can only connect to an authorized Davek umbrella with beacon chip.
  • See system requirements below and make sure you have the correct phone/version.
  • Make sure that the umbrella is within 1 foot of your smart phone when you try to connect.  Activation notification may take up to 10 seconds, depending on your phone.
  • Make sure you ALLOW all permission request (location, notifications, etc.) during first app launch.  Note:  If you do not allow all requests, the app will not work.  These permission requests only display after your first launch and will not show thereafter.  If you do not recall if you allowed these permissions, delete and reinstall the app.
  • Shake the umbrella gently for 5 seconds to restart the motion detector.
  • Check to see if your umbrella’s battery is depleted. Reinsert the battery within the umbrella's handle cap. After insertion, if the LED light does not flash, the battery must be replaced.

System requirements
  • Apple: iOS 8+; iPhone version 5C/S or later.
  • Android: Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)+; Samsung S4 or later.
How to change umbrella battery
  1. Using a coin, unlock the cap of the umbrella handle by rotating counterclockwise.
  2. Once unlocked, remove cap from base.
  3. Slide the battery out from the holder.
  4. Remove battery and insert battery with plus (+) side facing up.
  5. LED light should flash, indicating that the battery was inserted correctly.
  6. Reinsert cap to handle base and lock by rotating clockwise until you hear a “click.”

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